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The high priests of Action rock are back with a bang on this new LP…Roden House Blues is a rifttastic riot, huffing hard on the fumes of Gluecifer ‘n’ Hellacopters styled balls-out R‘n’R…sharp edged spat out anthems that can’t fail to electrify the spirits and sound better with every spin Vive Le Rock magazine, UK

Like the Stooges on more speed bitten by the Ass Cobra with the Powder Monkeys on an   adventure trip in 1977… Here, The Hip Priests hand over the hottest work of their career so far. Roden House Blues is incredibly good Deaf Forever Magazine, Germany

Dissenters, agitators, situated at the epicentre of an earthquake, challenging everything, questioning everything... the Hip Priests are knocking on your door, let them in little pig or they’ll blow your house down.

The band again delivers more than expected…there are actually ONLY hits on this record. No lie and no exaggeration!!! Away From Life, Germany

Defiantly (in)gloriously brilliant action punk tunes that  grab you by the balls and don’t let go for quite some time afterwards.. the tightest collection of 11 lean and mean ‘banging tunes that they, or any other band, could possibly fit into 30 short, sharp minutes of non-stop punk ‘n’ roll action...They ARE THE HIP PRIESTS and YOU are NOT.



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